Desktop Virtualiztion..What?

Imagine never having to buy another PC again, never having to deal with another refresh cycle with upgrade issues or wasted time. The answer to most of the headaches in the IT world can be solved with reducing endpoint hardware with VDI.

Phykentech partners with industry leaders within the Desktop Virtualization space to provide a total solution to your desktop network infrastructure.

What is Virtualization?

Virtualization is a way of essentially getting more bang for your buck. The technology allows companies to divide their hardware into several concurrently running yet separate machines called Virtual Machines (or VMs) all running on the same physical server.The leader in this space is VMware and what we here at phykentech recommend.

Traditional computers become obsolete within 3 years all the while on average only being utilized at about 15% of their true capacity.

VMware lets you condense many computers into just one! Why pay for six or more servers or computers when one is enough?